In the spring of 2015 I taught a course of my own design at the University of Chicago, titled "Military Decision Making and Change." You can find the syllabus here.

I am also developing the following courses, for which I am happy to provide draft syllabi upon request:

"China and International Relations Theory"
"Warfare in Modern China"
"Introduction to Taiwanese Society and Politics"
"Cross-Strait Relations"
"Taiwan in Comparative Perspective"

In addition, I have served as a teaching assistant at the University of Chicago for the courses listed below.

2012   Spring    Strategy and International Politics       Robert Pape
2011   Winter    American Grand Strategy                        John Mearsheimer
2011   Winter    Organizational Decision Making           John Padgett
2010   Spring    Social Science Inquiry                              Mario Small
2010   Winter    Social Science Inquiry – Statistics        Betsy Sinclair